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2018 Restaurant Segment Snapshot

2018 Restaurant Segment Snapshot


Last Published: 12/10/2018

2018 Restaurant Segment Snapshot

Take a peek at some insights impacting restaurants this year.



Making digital enhancements in dining is becoming crucial, as 77% of surveyed consumers own a smartphone and nearly 80% claim that technology makes their restaurant dining experiences easier. While going completely cashless and adding order-and-pay stations have already permeated the market, predictions for the coming year include more restaurants switching to digital menus to boost their bottom line; consumers making more voice-activated dinner reservations through Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.; and even facial recognition options with camera-embedded kiosks, which have already cropped up in China!


Avocados have taken the restaurant scene by storm in recent years, but it’s important to note that traditional avocado toast is taking a seat and more upscale avocado creations are rising to the occasion. From artsy avocado-cream swirls adorning plates to hollowed avocados serving as the actual bun for a not-so-average burger, these lean, green “alligator pears” are making an impact.

Restaurants like Brooklyn’s Avocaderia and an avocado bar in London are solely devoted to serving the fruit by featuring salads, smoothies and tempura battered fare.


A variety of factors are contributing to a rise in freight costs. The shortage of truck drivers has topped the list of freight concerns this year, according to new research by the American Transportation Research Institute. In addition, because of new federal regulations, drivers must now use electronic logging devices, or ELDs, which monitor whether they are abiding by limits on driving hours. This adds days and expenses to deliveries. The rise of e-commerce sales and growing economy are also notable influences. As a result of the trend, shippers are postponing deliveries and incurring higher prices. Buyers might notice this trickle-down effect and be faced with higher food, supplies and materials costs.

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