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4 Menu Changes to Boost Foodservice Income

4 Menu Changes to Boost Foodservice Income


Last Published: 09/02/2020

4 Menu Changes to Boost Foodservice Income

Making these updates to your menu during tough economic times could improve your margins.

Until spring 2020, restaurants flourished with expansive menus full of variety. However, in today’s economic climate, that kind of menu may strain foodservice budgets and margins while leaving food to go to waste. By making a few key updates to your menu, you could curb your spending and save resources while also satisfying your customers.

  1. Strategize your menu: While varied menus allow customer choice, they don’t necessarily focus on your specialties or most popular menu items. Rather than offering more variety, hone in on the dishes that you do best and that have traditionally sold most frequently. Become the best restaurant in your area, known for your best dishes. This will help attract repeat customers.

  2. Target better bulk pricing: When you strategize your menu, you can also strategize your ingredient costs. Stock up on non-perishable bulk ingredients that can be used across the menu. If there is an ingredient that is the highlight of your signature offerings, be creative and work those ingredients into other main entrées, sides and even desserts.

  3. Optimize to-go items: Pre-COVID, restaurant dining rooms were full, now that restrictions varying by municipality and differing consumer comfort, to-go and outdoor dining are more important than ever. Remove tableside menu items or those that don’t travel well, such as butter-based sauces that may congeal on the ride home. If they can’t stand the heat inside a car or a 20-minute delay, they may not belong on your menu anymore.

  4. Bundle up: Consider grouping popular foods as single ‘bundled’ menu meal or in family-style serving sizes. These allow you to maximize efficiency in packaging and staffing, while also helping your bulk ingredient use.

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