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Asian Inspired Menu Items: Consider the Hot Dog

Asian Inspired Menu Items: Consider the Hot Dog


Last Published: 12/05/2017

Asian Inspired Menu Items: Consider the Hot Dog

A Los Angeles hot dog-centric shop has elevated the traditional American wiener to new heights with flavors borrowed from Asian cuisines.


This east and west fusion has resulted in hot dog creations sounding too good to be true.

The Japanese influenced hot dog is made with a foot-long beef frankfurter topped with spicy pork chili and togarashi cheese sauce, spicy mayo, teriyaki sauce, cabbage slaw, furikake seasoning and shredded seaweed.

A Vietnamese-inspired dog is like a traditional banh mi sandwich, except it’s made with a bacon-wrapped hot dog.

Next dog up to bat is a beef hot dog rolled in panko bread crumbs, fried, and topped with cabbage, mustard miso, tonkatsu sauce, mayo and scallions. Complementing this hot dog is a side of sushi rice tots, made with sushi rice, cut and deep-fried like tater tots, and topped with furikake seasoning. Rounding out this fusion-inspired dining experience is an array of Asian desserts.


  • Look for ways to capitalize on the growing demand for Asian-inspired flavors and dishes. Don’t be afraid to experiment to come up with a new twist on a traditional favorite.
  • Often times, dessert is an afterthought for restaurants and customers alike. Make your dessert offering something special to tempt your customers who are looking for something sweet to end their meal.  

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