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August National Food Days

August National Food Days


Last Published: 08/01/2017

August National Food Days

This month celebrates the sandwich – a favorite on-the-go meal option continuing to grow in popularity. 


When it comes to sandwiches, educate customers that it’s best to choose whole-grain bread, lean proteins and veggies, and pass on condiments like mayonnaise.

10 - National Banana Split Day

No one wants to miss out on Banana Split Day! The mixed flavors of this dessert are just too yummy to pass up. For health-conscious customers, suggest swapping out the ice cream for Greek yogurt, and use fresh strawberries and chocolate shavings for added flavor. Also, keep toppings minimal and use just one banana. If a crunch is desired, try low-fat granola and just a few sprinkles. This combination could also be made as a smoothie using General Mills’® Yoplait ParafaitPro® and adding fresh fruit.

14 - National Creamsicle Day
This refreshing summer treat definitely deserves its own day of celebration! Most creamsicles are made with lots of ice cream, but in lieu of that calorie-laden ingredient, Greek yogurt can be used instead, which will make this treat friendlier to the waistline.

23 - National Cuban Sandwich Day
The combination in a Cuban Sandwich is most definitely delicious, but can be high in calories thanks to the ham, pork and cheese. Encourage customers to use turkey in place of the pork and only one thin slice of ham and cheese – low-fat cheese is always a good option. As for the bread, sprouted wheat or whole-wheat is best.

31 - National Trail Mix Day
While traditional trail mix is a quick snack to eat on-the-go, it does contain hidden sugars and is high in calories. Encourage customers to pay close attention to the ingredients in their trail mix and to eat just the recommended serving size. If customers are looking for the healthiest option, it’s probably best for them to make their own, so they can control what is in the mix.


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