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Beverages: Balancing Healthy and Indulgence

Beverages: Balancing Healthy and Indulgence


Last Published: 10/19/2016

Beverages: Balancing Healthy and Indulgence

Consumers are moving away from traditional sugary carbonated drinks and sweet flavor profiles toward beverages that are lighter, healthier and more refreshing. 

They are opting for more complex and refined flavor profiles, according to Elizabeth Friend, Senior Research Analyst for Euromonitor, an international marketing research and strategy firm.

Consumers are still willing to indulge if the splurge is worth it in terms of the calories and the experience, says Friend. Craft sodas—such as Starbucks Fizzio, which features three different soda formulations, each delivered to the customer’s preferred level of carbonation—are an example. While sales of traditional soft drinks are slipping, craft sodas are catching on.

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