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Beverages: Focus on Variety and Health

Beverages: Focus on Variety and Health


Last Published: 10/17/2017

Beverages: Focus on Variety and Health

The “feel good” food trend is showing up for beverages. 

Give customers plenty of choices, including customized options, and put a healthy spin on your beverage selections.

“Operators must focus on increased consumer demand for variety and health when they are developing or revamping their beverage menus,” advises Darren Tristano, Executive Vice President of the food industry research company, Technomic. Promote the antioxidant qualities of tea or add trendy, low-calorie coconut water to your beverage menu.

What’s on the hot flavor list? The fastest growing beverage flavors from 2012 to 2014 are almond (up 91%) and watermelon (up 60%), according to Technomic.

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