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Brand It!

Brand It!


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Brand It!

To stand out from the crowd, some foodservice operations are marking their unique menu concepts by branding them – literally!


Are you implementing or have you employed something unique or innovative to your menu concept? Today, some operations are calling attention to their brand by literally branding their dishes with stainless steel branding irons. Some consumers perceive this move as driving home the flamed-grill concept, a more natural way of cooking with less adulteration and minimal seasoning, while others think it’s just plain cool.

Even if imprinting an emblem into your food isn’t for you, there’s a value in staking a claim in your menu items. Not only does it show a clear distinction from the competition, but it also illustrates level of care and pride in your product – think about it as your signature on a dish. Consider what ways you can “sign-off” on a plate before it leaves your kitchen.

What can operators can do to compete in this growing trend? Here’s just a few ideas:

  • Made “from-scratch” fare doesn’t have to be time-consuming. You might take a simple base, like Greek yogurt, then add seasonings like dill, garlic salt and black pepper to make a flavorful sandwich spread or vegetable dip.
  • If using a branding iron in your kitchen isn’t in the cards, look for ways you can put a personal touch on your signature dishes, making them memorable and even photo-worthy. One example is to serve appetizers or sandwiches with branded toothpick flags.

Want more ideas? Download entegra’s 2018 Top Ten Trends for Restaurants Paper.

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