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Last Published: 12/22/2016

Generation X (Gen X) is the group most dedicated to brand loyalty.

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Gen Xers are not the most adventurous group, and prefer to stick with a brand they like once it has been identified, rather than shopping around. In exchange for their loyalty, Gen X expects to be rewarded. They view value in “brand for brand-name sake”, and derive status through material or consumer goods.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the Boomers, who typically choose brands based on what kind of deal is being offered. Known as the ‘consumer generation’, they’ll try any brand once, especially if they receive a cost-saving offer. Millennials and Gen Zers, though hard to pin down due to their hunt-and-seek consumer behaviors, will be your biggest brand ambassadors if you deliver something they enjoy.

Between social media and their tendencies to be swayed by peer reviews, these two generations will help spread the word about your brand. It is important to make sure it is the right word they are spreading.


Entegra Procurement Services regularly publishes blog posts on food trends and innovations in food services. Entegra is more than a group purchasing organization (GPO): Our team of procurement specialists implement strategic sourcing to bring the most value to your business. We help our clients, in many segments ranging from the healthcare supply chain to restaurant supply, to cut costs and consolidate their portfolios.

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