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Build a Service Culture in Your Foodservice Operation

Build a Service Culture in Your Foodservice Operation


Last Published: 09/09/2016

Build a Service Culture in Your Foodservice Operation

Running a successful foodservice operation is not just about keeping up with food trends and offering the right products. 

Top-notch service must be embedded into an organization’s culture. If the service attitude is not already part of your company’s culture, invest substantial resources for training and building commitment to uphold high standards across all levels of your business.

Tips for building a service culture:

  • Hire for attitude as well as experience. Great servers are, by nature, friendly and helpful.
  • Take your time with training. Define the amount of time servers will train and shadow experienced servers before they set out on their own.
  • Set standards and stick to them. Managers should evaluate servers every day.

Read more about cultivating a successful service culture in your foodservice operation. 

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