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C-Store Food: Consider the Food-First Convenience Cafe

C-Store Food: Consider the Food-First Convenience Cafe


Last Published: 02/06/2018

C-Store Food: Consider the Food-First Convenience Cafe

One innovative convenience store developed the food-court concept hoping to become a food-first café on a highway without the gas pumps or at the mall. 


Customers entering the store can expect to see such foodie favorites as a stone pizza oven, an open kitchen and a coffee bar, as well as self-serve ordering kiosks displaying images of sandwiches, cheeseburgers and burritos. Unlike traditional aisle packed C-stores, this food-first concept showcases employees preparing food and drinks in an amphitheater-like setting. In addition, there is an abundance of comfortable seating that encourages guests to “stay awhile” to enjoy their food and friends. Lastly, self-checkout areas enable customers to pay quickly and be on their way.


Leverage technology that enables guests to order and pay for food via self-serve kiosks and stations, freeing staff for other important duties.
If your operation is a walk-up order style establishment, encourage guests to “stay awhile” by installing power and charging stations where they can use their computers and charge their phones, while enjoying your restaurant’s signature creations.
Sandwiches are one of the most popular entrée options on C-store menus, even taking the lead from burritos/Mexican fare and pizza. Give this popular offering more flair by providing a variety of hot sauces and spicy toppings like sriracha, habaneros, ghost peppers, harissa and sambal, which are currently big food trends.

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