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Capitalizing on the Competition: C-STORES UP THEIR CULINARY GAME

Capitalizing on the Competition: C-STORES UP THEIR CULINARY GAME


Last Published: 11/07/2018

Capitalizing on the Competition: C-STORES UP THEIR CULINARY GAME

Once the haven of gas station food featuring roller dogs and heated pizza, today’s convenience stores (C-stores) are raising their culinary game to compete with traditional dining venues. 


In addition to customized menu selections that are higher-quality, C-stores are also changing their physical environment to become more of a dining destination. Touting qualities like made from scratch, fresh baked, artisanal and organic, C-stores now have the same ability to provide fresh, healthy foods as traditional dining locations.

When it comes to serving quality food, the lines have definitely blurred as C-stores are now competing for the same customer as other restaurants and dining operations.


  • Develop and market a menu designed for the time-pressed patron, featuring only items that are quickly delivered to guests. Train employees to be sensitive to the time constraints when guests order from this menu.

  • Maintain a small supply of ready-made items that are pre-packaged for takeout and market this option to guests. This is especially beneficial during the morning breakfast and afternoon lunch hours.

  • Refresh your Grab-and-Go appeal by offering a DIY coffee or tea refill station. This can be offered as a free refill option or utilized at an up-charge.


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