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Cash In on Grab-and-Go Sales

Cash In on Grab-and-Go Sales


Last Published: 11/08/2016

Cash In on Grab-and-Go Sales

With the right product placement and sales mix in your foodservice establishment, canned and bottled beverages can boost grab-and-go sales.  

Analyze your sales data to see the food trends and beverage trends. Then change up your beverage offerings to hone in on “must have” core products as well as lower sales alternatives.  

  • Merchandise beverages in several areas around your facility—including near the cash register and the deli.
  • Include multiple flavors of tea, water and juice to boost sales. This variety is called the “rainbow effect”—giving customers choice and new options.
  • Think beyond meal-accompaniment beverages to include meal-replacement beverages such as smoothies or protein drinks.

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