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Chicken for Breakfast – A Perfect Protein

Chicken for Breakfast – A Perfect Protein


Last Published: 08/23/2017

Chicken for Breakfast – A Perfect Protein

Because breakfast is becoming an all-day affair, the meal is getting quite the makeover. 


Consumers are looking for healthy ways to fuel their day, and as a result, proteins, like yogurt and eggs, are becoming the mainstay on the morning menu. But believe it or not, another lean protein that’s starting to garner more attention for breakfast is chicken, and it makes perfect sense. It’s great tasting, an ideal fit for most diets, easy to prepare and economical.

Russell Morrisette, a senior manager of program accounts at Koch Foods™, and an entegra Focus Group presenter, offered his perspective, “I can see grilled chicken on a biscuit as a viable breakfast option. Being a lean protein, it offers a health benefit, plus it’s portable, so it fits with today’s on-the-go lifestyles. It’s always been big in the South for breakfast, where chicken and waffles are quite popular. It’s a matter of getting it on the menu and getting consumers exposed to it.”

Even though a majority of the popular chicken breakfast dishes are fried, chicken is still perceived as a healthier choice by consumers over other traditional proteins. Says Morrisette, “Some operators that menu it, do so pretty heavily.”

What Makes a Chicken Tasty?

Larger sized birds have been increasing in the industry, which can result in a tough, stringy texture and require longer cook times. At Koch Foods, entegra’s contracted company for chicken, whole bird and bone-in parts are produced from select, proper-sized birds, with most weighing in around four to five pounds. This yields consistent and competitive serving sizes and portion costs. Chickens from Koch Foods also have a “rest period” that some companies do not. A rest period means that the meat has time to relax on the bone prior to going through the de-boning process for the breast meat, which helps to provide the most tender product.

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