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Clean Label Chicken, the Perfect Protein for a Healthy Lifestyle

Clean Label Chicken, the Perfect Protein for a Healthy Lifestyle


Last Published: 09/27/2017

Clean Label Chicken, the Perfect Protein for a Healthy Lifestyle

Not only is chicken low in fat and versatile from a preparation standpoint, but it also contains 35 grams of protein in one four-ounce serving. Health experts recommend lean cuts of chicken when trying to healthily incorporate more protein into the diet.

A common misunderstanding among consumers is that chickens are mistreated, genetically modified and contain added hormones or steroids. The truth is, there are no genetically modified chickens. All are raised steroid- and hormone-free.  They are free of antibiotics at the time of processing to align with strict USDA guidelines. In addition, most chicken producers, like entegra’s contracted supplier, Koch Foods, adhere to all government mandated inspections and procedures.




Believe chickens are genetically modified.

There are no genetically modified chickens. Chicken with the healthiest growth and size have been selected for breeding - the result is a larger, healthier bird.


Believe chicken contains added hormones or steroids.


No chicken sold or raised in the U.S. is given hormones or steroids. The USDA has banned all hormones and steroids in poultry since the 1950s.


Believe antibiotics are present in most chicken meat.


Any meat from chickens sold in the U.S. is free of antibiotics. The USDA regulates withdrawal periods to ensure no meat contains antibiotics or an antibiotic residues.


Believe most chickens raised for meat are raised in cages.


No chicken meat you buy is raised in a cage. The majority of chickens raised for meat in the U.S. live in large, open structures.

Source: Urner-Barry

Russell Morrisette, a senior manager of program accounts at Koch Foods, says, “Our birds are GMO-free, raised with the utmost care and are processed responsibly. They are not kept in cages, but rather enormous barns. All or our chickens are indeed ‘cage-free’. These barns are 300 feet long by 60 to 70 feet wide. They’re huge with plenty of room for the chickens to live.”

With a commitment to the ethical treatment of their birds and strict adherence to FDA guidelines, Koch Foods guarantees that key products distributed to operators are all-natural, contain no artificial ingredients and are clean labeled.

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