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Diet Hysteria to Sane Eating

Diet Hysteria to Sane Eating


Last Published: 09/23/2016

Diet Hysteria to Sane Eating

There are countless Health & Wellness products available today. 

As business operators trying to support our customers’ Health & Wellness needs and preferences, the goal of staying abreast of the latest (and future) trends even outside of foodservice is important.

Two trends are moving us away from dieting and more toward a lifestyle change. Our obsession with the latest superfood or diet trend has many experts suggesting that we are experiencing a collective, global eating disorder. Nutrition experts noted that what we eat has changed more in the last 40 years than it has in the previous 40,000. Superfoods are on a collision course with sustainability. The future points to clean, authentic, sustainably sourced foods and a welcome return to eating as pleasure.

This “sane eating” approach means wellness will no longer be “something you do” but rather become integrated seamlessly into where we live (our homes and workplaces) and into the very fabric of our lives. Among these advancements will be clearer labeling of food and beverage ingredients and production processes, including transparent information on the use of GMO crops or pesticides.

To read more about these trends, explore the future shifts in wellness as identified by leading industry experts during the 2015 Global Wellness Summit held this past year in Mexico City, Mexico. 

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There are countless Health & Wellness products available today. As business operators trying to support our customers’ Health & Wellness needs and preferences, the goal of staying abreast of the latest (and future) trends even outside of foodservice is important.

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