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Engage Your Community Through Social Media

Engage Your Community Through Social Media


Last Published: 08/20/2020

Engage Your Community Through Social Media

Inform and respond to your customers.

A well-oiled social media machine is a great way to build relationships with customers and mitigate their concerns. In the past, a beautifully lit photo of a new dish or attractive space may have been enough to draw in clients. Now, your draw will come from trust and consumer confidence. Build it with the following tips from entegra:

Be Transparent
Much of customers’ current unease is simply because they aren’t sure what businesses are really doing behind the scenes. Cleaning and safety activity that you consider second nature in your back kitchen should be highlighted – especially to customers who may just now be considering going out. Share the steps you’re taking to make your business safe and enjoyable, like staff training, dining area capacities and virtual check-ins.

Announce Your Protocols and Certifications
Sanitation is more important than ever. Create a regular cadence of social media highlighting your cleaning and safety measures. Consider obtaining a third-party health and safety audit. Part of entegra’s Sanitation and Safety Services offers audits, consultations and trainings, as well as official certification from our supplier partner, Bureau Veritas. Communicating that effort to your customers shows how much you value your community’s health, making them feel secure to do business with you.

Seek Out Customer Feedback

In addition to using social media to inform your customers, make sure you’re you also scanning the internet to listen! Set up Google alerts and social media notifications on Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, and other platforms to help you stay on top of customer comments and reviews. Take time to respond to them so you can manage your reputation. This will help build your online reputation, customer trust, and loyalty.

Acknowledge Public Opinion
It’s easy to blast out a notice acknowledging the current government requirements, but even more important is being in touch with your customers’ opinions. If your local ordinances do not include a mask mandate, but your community feels more comfortable with a mask requirement in public locations, adjust your establishment rules and communicate them out. Use your social media accounts to let customers know that you hear their concerns and are acting upon them.

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