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Locally Grown Produce/Locally Sourced

Locally Grown Produce/Locally Sourced


Last Published: 06/03/2016

Locally Grown Produce/Locally Sourced

Support local economy by providing locally grown products to your customers.

One of the hottest trends in food this year is locally grown produce. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, your guests will appreciate knowing the produce you serve is fresh and locally grown. Using locally grown produce in your recipes is good for your patrons, your community and your bottom line. Promoting the local farmer’s produce appeals to out of town guests who appreciate supporting local businesses. Create unique seasonal menu items based on what’s available from your local farmers.

In certain parts of the country, incorporating locally sourced meat or seafood is as easy to do as including locally grown produce. It’s important to many adults to support local businesses by offering menu items with locally sourced food. Most adults view locally sourced meats and seafood as being fresher and healthier than food trucked from other parts of the country, or meats and seafood that have been frozen prior to preparation.

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