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Health Trends: Integrative Healthcare & Wellness for All Ages

Health Trends: Integrative Healthcare & Wellness for All Ages


Last Published: 10/10/2018

Health Trends: Integrative Healthcare & Wellness for All Ages

In the world of nutrition and wellness, medical experts are talking about integrative medicine – the coming together of traditional medicine with preventative wellness approaches – for decades. 

Experts agree that integrative medicine will increasingly move from theory to mainstream practice as healthcare shifts from a disease-management focus to a prevention-focused mindset. 

Medical centers around the U.S. have or are planning wellness/integrative centers. As medicine incorporates preventative wellness, then wellness centers will in turn incorporate more traditional medicine, including medical staff, health assessments and research-driven therapies.

Healthcare industry trends also show that wellness is not just for the few but for the many: the young and old, wealthy and poor, the healthy and ill. In keeping with this, a few sub-themes include:

  • CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM - For companies and individuals, success is now measured not by net worth but by “net good.” Winning brands will be charitable, collaborative and creative.
  • START YOUNG - While wellness has long been focused on adults, experts agree that you must reach people from the earliest age to ensure success. Boutique fitness studios are offering a variety of classes for children; spas and wellness retreats are creating wellness programs for kids, from healthy cooking classes to yoga and meditation.
  • GOING MAINSTREAM - Meditation and mindfulness will go mainstream as it is becoming far more appealing and accessible ranging from hundreds of meditation apps to “dry bars” for a quick mind reboot.

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Learn More About Future Shifts In Wellness

There are countless Health & Wellness products available today. As business operators trying to support our customers’ Health & Wellness needs and preferences, the goal of staying abreast of the latest (and future) trends even outside of foodservice is important.

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