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EntegraPS.com – A Personalized Experience

EntegraPS.com – A Personalized Experience


Last Published: 12/21/2017

EntegraPS.com – A Personalized Experience

Entegra’s newly enhanced customer-only website, entegraPS.com, is up and running.  

We are pleased to share the website’s user-friendly and responsive design which makes it readily accessible from a desktop, tablet or smartphone.  This highly interactive and dynamic website will provide our customers with efficient and intuitive navigation through the customer-only pages and tools.

These days, foodservice operators are using technology more often to grab a quick recipe, for menu ideas and to stay up with the latest trends. Our new website will continue to provide easy access to resources that address these topics both on the public site, with this blog, and on the internal pages. For our clients and customers, entegra offers  a variety of insight and tools, including our popular Cost Savings Tool, which is designed to identify cost reduction opportunities on comparable quality products. When users log on, they will immediately get a list of cost savings opportunities as well as their operation’s top savings opportunities right on the home page of entegraPS.com.

What else makes the new entegraPS.com great?                                                                

The Recently Viewed tab tracks visit history and notifies entegra customers when updates are made on their most visited pages.
My Links allows customers to save their most visited pages for quicker access.
Latest News connects clients and customers to new programs, program updates and limited time offers.

If you are an entegra customer, we invite you to log in for your personalized entegraPS.com experience. Not a customer yet? You can still benefit from our team’s expertise. Our blog, 360: Procurement Insights explores procurement from a variety of perspectives and covers topics that affect the foodservice industry and your business. Articles on the horizon include pertinent studies on consumer preferences, client success stories and industry trends in foodservice.

If you are interested in learning more about the entegra Program and how to become an entegra customer, e-mail webmaster.usa@entegraPS.com

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