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Snacking in Foodservice – Still on the Rise

Snacking in Foodservice – Still on the Rise


Last Published: 12/21/2017

Snacking in Foodservice – Still on the Rise

Snacking is big business and it’s growing!  

People are eating differently today due to their busy lifestyles which has put us in the midst of a snacking revolution.

Based on recent company-sponsored research*, Mondelez, an entegra contracted supplier for snacks, has captured how these changing eating dynamics impact snacking trends.  Here are some findings from our research:

TREATS STILL RULE – Snacks fill an important need and enjoyment is key.  In fact, flavor is the number one benefit consumers choose when selecting their snacks.

HEALTH IS IMPORTANT ACROSS ALL OCCASIONS, INCLUDING TREATS – After flavor, health is the next most sought after benefit on snacking occasions.  This is still the case for snacking occasions - amongst those who are looking to give themselves a ‘treat/reward’, a fifth want something healthy.

MEAL SKIPPING IS PROLIFIC – With only half of American adults saying they always have three meals a day, snacking creates an opportunity to fill hunger needs throughout the day.

SNACKING OCCURS THROUGHOUT THE DAY – The average adult consumer has five snacking occasions on any given day.  25% of these occasions take place in the morning with 40% in the afternoon and 35% in the evening.

CATEGORY CHOICE IS FRAGMENTED – The top snack for adults is a hot beverage, but even this accounts for only 12% of all occasions.  Other top snacks (cold beverages, salty snacks, fruit, chocolate candy and nuts/seeds) each only represent five percent or less among the category, although, the frequency of consumption is similar.

ONGOING HUNGER MANAGEMENT MEANS THERE IS LESS NEED FOR FUEL – The number one attitude to snacking is to manage hunger and/or prevent over-eating (64%).  At the same time, fuel needs are not very prominent – suggesting that constant snacking is helping stave off hunger.

Entegra Program Participants can build the right snacking mix in their establishments through entegra’s online tools and team support. Log on to entegraPS.com and visit the Retail section to see recommended Mondelez snacks for your segment. 

Pam Welch Head Shot.jpg Pam Welch is the National Account Manager with Mondelēz International.  She has been working in the foodservice industry for 25 years and has held multiple sales positions as well as training and leadership positions.

 For additional information on this article, please contact Pam Welch at pam.welch@mdlz.com

Source: Mondelēz/Added Value – Q4 2015

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