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EntegraPS.com: Sustainability Resources

EntegraPS.com: Sustainability Resources


Last Published: 06/29/2016

EntegraPS.com: Sustainability Resources

In a Technomic survey, 93% of operators reported that sustainability was very important or somewhat important to their operation today and more than half believe that a sustainability strategy will be necessary to remain competitive in the next two years.

While the concept of sustainability is a rather simple one, putting it into practice can be challenging in foodservice. Switching to “green” products, re-furbishing your operation and incorporating new equipment can be expensive – not just in product cost but also in assigned resources.

The new entegraPS.com includes a variety of materials to help any procurement specialist work toward meeting their sustainability objectives. If you are not a current customer, we encourage you to check back here at our public blog often for insights on how to meet your foodservice operation’s business goals. Current customers who log in to entegraPS.com will find the following:

  • Sustainable Seafood – A listing of entegra-contracted seafood that is certified sustainable as well as a brochure that shows which species are more abundant and those that are at risk of becoming endangered.
  • Antibiotic-Free Poultry – Information on products by Perdue Farms, our exclusive supplier of premium antibiotic-free, all-vegetarian fed and all natural poultry.  
  • Energy Efficient Equipment – Entegra’s Performance Interiors brand equipment purchasing team has identified offerings that meet sustainability criteria. Examples include Energy Star certified equipment, such as Blodget Ovens and Hobart dish machines.
  • A Sustainability White Paper by Technomic – This paper covers the ten most important sustainability factors for foodservice operators as well as the consumer perspective.

If you are an entegra customer, we invite you to log in for your personalized entegraPS.com experience. Not a customer yet but work in procurement? You can still benefit from our team’s expertise. This blog by entegra, 360: Procurement Insights, explores procurement from a variety of perspectives and covers topics that affect our industry and your business.

If you are interested in learning more about the entegra Program and how to become an entegra customer, e-mail webmaster.usa@entegraPS.com

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