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Evolution of Pizza: Regional = Authentic

Evolution of Pizza: Regional = Authentic


Last Published: 02/20/2019

Evolution of Pizza: Regional = Authentic

49% of consumers want to see more ‘authentic’ pizzas, but what does this really mean?  


Operators are trying to meet demands as the growing focus on authenticity increases with nearly half of consumers stating that they want to see more ‘authentic’ pizza options. Much of the emphasis on authenticity has been centered on regional Italian and American pizza concepts such as Sicilian-, Roman-, St. Louis- and Detroit-styles. However, operators should pay special attention to their surrounding communities and not only what is authentic to their area, but also what may be culturally trending among nearby cities and metropolitans.

 Here is what entegra’s Supplier Partner, Ventura Foods says to look out for:

  • New regional American variations to be explored in emerging and top chains, including Rhode Island-style grilled pizzas, New Haven white clam and Trenton tomato pies
  • Regional pizza chains to continue to grow outside of their associated regions

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