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Evolution of Pizza: Technology Leads Innovation

Evolution of Pizza: Technology Leads Innovation


Last Published: 01/08/2019

Evolution of Pizza: Technology Leads Innovation

Technology has been instrumental in the pizza industry, perhaps more so than any other foodservice segment.  

Many of us still visualize pizza night as it has been for many years, quick carryout and delivery. However, when we consider online ordering, mobile ordering and delivery tracking, pizza operations have been integrating today’s tech as quickly and as seamlessly as it is being implemented. As technology advances in the pizza category, operators have been forced to catch up and/or specialize in unique offerings that keeps them differentiated in the market. One way has been to ensure that they are offering the speediest, most convenient off-premise options.

Advancements like Domino’s AnyWare platform, driverless pizza-making robots and delivery hybrids heighten consumers’ expectations for convenience and speed. This also forces change in operators’ marketing strategies in order to emphasize these elements and ensure they are first to market, if and when the technology takes hold. Here is what entegra’s Supplier Partner, Ventura Foods says to look out for:

  • Improved packaging that maintains out-of-the-oven heat levels and greater experimentation with drone delivery
  • Near-future technology to move from voice recognition devices to facial recognition for pizza ordering

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