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Expanding Menu Ideas: Just Desserts

Expanding Menu Ideas: Just Desserts


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Expanding Menu Ideas: Just Desserts

Desserts are one just of those universal things that speaks to all countries and cultures – and consumer’s tastes for sweets are ever-evolving. 


But what does the next revolution of desserts look like in the U.S.? There are multiple dessert trends directly influencing what operators are offering on their menus right here in the States. 

In the U.S., retro desserts such as popsicles and ice cream sandwiches are highlighting the use of childhood brands like Hostess and Oreo. These desserts create comfort food appeal by invoking a sense of nostalgia in consumers, with nearly half of consumers (46%) saying they enjoy many of the same desserts they ate as a child. The high craveability and popularity levels make these items safe rollouts for operators. Operators who don’t want to roll out entirely new dessert offerings will likely go “retro” by incorporating old-school ingredients, like Pop Rocks and gummies, and household brand names into existing treats on their menu.

The future of dessert in the U.S. is pointing towards a repositioning of dessert ingredients as sweet breakfast items, such as pecan pie monkey bread. Waffles are already proving to be useful sandwich bases for decadent fillings like ice cream, whipped cream and sweet jams, but pancakes and French toast could also satisfy that role. These breakfast-dessert hybrids will further the daypart mashup trend as chefs continue to find ways to blend menu sections together.

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