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Expanding Menu Options: Entrees

Expanding Menu Options: Entrees


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Expanding Menu Options: Entrees

In recent years, industry experts have predicted that lesser known fish, like freshwater Drum, will show a larger presence on menus.


There has been a major shift in the taste and flavor preference that U.S. consumers seek from entrees. Lesser cuts of beef are becoming leading dishes with items such as beef ribs and chopped steak on the rise for lunch and dinner beef dishes between 2014 and 2016 (for the Top 500 U.S. operators).

U.S. operators expect that “trash” fish will begin to take up more room on dining menus. Being classified as a “trash” fish does not indicate poor quality or flavor, rather it reflects the historic undervaluing of the fish. Chef-driven movements to menu more “trash” fish have taken the pressure off over-fished species, and organizations such as the non-profit Chefs Collaborative are bringing more attention to undervalued and underutilized fish species. Some of the fish that are being spotlighted include whiting, mackerel, trigger fish, drum, scorpion fish, Asian carp and rainbow smelt.

Entegra Procurement Services regularly publishes blog posts on food trends and innovations in food services. Entegra is more than a group purchasing organization (GPO): Our team of procurement specialists implement strategic sourcing to bring the most value to your business. We help our clients, in many segments ranging from the healthcare supply chain to restaurant supply, to cut costs and consolidate their portfolios.

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