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Expanding Menu Options: Growth Strategies for Operators

Expanding Menu Options: Growth Strategies for Operators


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Expanding Menu Options: Growth Strategies for Operators

Many operators are finding new ways to reinvent the traditional restaurant daypart, which usually consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner; opening up new opportunities for revenue growth.


An emerging trend we are seeing in foodservice is the redefinition of the typical dining dayparts. There are several growth strategies that foodservice operators can choose when expanding their dayparts, but they are not without their own set of challenges. Here are some simple, yet smart steps to start thinking strategically about adding dayparts.

Operators should first acknowledge and recognize that new dayparts exist outside of breakfast, lunch and dinner. This recognition will allow them to begin to push second breakfast, afternoon snack, late-night dining with widespread marketing. Second, expanding beyond traditional dayparts is a major strategy right now for turning around sales for slumping restaurant chain operators. This new daypart trend has hit the mainstream, even in the fast food arena, with McDonald’s and White Castle now offering all-day breakfast.

Third, refine your supply chain. With the expansion of dayparts comes a corresponding need to adjust a restaurant’s supply chain. If consumers are going to be having breakfast at 1 p.m., operators will be required to have inventory at 1 p.m. that they previously did not need. Operators should study the supply chain to identify any opportunities which will help them be more efficient, such as implementing an automated alert with their distributors, when certain items become low in inventory; this will ensure that this expansion of operations does not cause an increase in operating costs.

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