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Food Trends for Acute: Better Tasting and Better-For-You

Food Trends for Acute: Better Tasting and Better-For-You


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Food Trends for Acute: Better Tasting and Better-For-You

Hospital food can be delicious.

More Healthcare facilities are committed to profiling nutritious foods for patients, guests and staff that are also fresh and tasty.

Hospitals are taking cues from their retail counterparts and are embracing trends that include:

  • Expanded menu options to include healthier and sustainable food programs
  • Increased quantity, quality and variety of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • More kitchens with no trans-fat, reduced saturated fats and more healthful fats
  • Expanded offerings of high fiber and lean protein options
  • Reformulated lower-calorie entrées and snack options that have reduced sodium and sugar
  • More cafeterias providing accurate nutritional content data at point of purchase
  • Increased restaurant-style, cooked-to-order items for patients and cafeteria visitors
  • Food education and special events

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