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Food Trends for Seniors: Less Sodium, More Gourmet

Food Trends for Seniors: Less Sodium, More Gourmet


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Food Trends for Seniors: Less Sodium, More Gourmet

In general, foods that promote health and wellness have become high priority among aging Americans.


Nutritional information is widely available and prospective Senior Living residents want to know they will be provided with healthy options at a senior living facility. Today’s seniors expect a greater variety of menu options and dining accommodations, and many also enjoy the social aspect of the dining experience.

Low-sodium eating habits are a bigger trend in senior communities than natural and clean products.

The generation entering their senior years are not accustomed to the recent all-natural trends, however, most senior living facilities are moving to cleaner labels for health reasons, especially now that trans fats have been removed from many foods. These products are gaining traction in the Senior sector due to the new chefs who are entering this industry and bringing their ideas and creative flair with them.

Other food trends that have grown in the Senior Segment over the past five to 10 years include:

  • Five meals per day using smaller portions
  • More gluten-free offerings even though the percentage of the population that requires it is smaller than those that need to follow this diet
  • Higher end offerings at retirement centers and assisted living facilities

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