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Foodservice Trends in Business and Industry

Foodservice Trends in Business and Industry


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Foodservice Trends in Business and Industry

Business and industry operators have been experiencing a slow (0.5%) but steady growth over the last year and have reached $16 billion in total retail sales, not including alcohol, in 2016.


Lucrative companies are funneling more money into on-site foodservice offerings, which has allowed for chefs to expand offerings to include more ethnic dishes, such as ramen bowls at Kohl’s Corporation headquarters. Companies know that they are competing with off-site alternatives and the inclusion of a top-notch foodservice program can also be a recruiting tool for new talent. Furthermore, companies are adding an additional layer of technology for on-the-go workers. For instance, H-E-B’s company headquarters introduced a salad kiosk that can build over 1,000 distinct types of salads, each in under a minute.

Increasingly, foodservice operators are adding stations featuring build-your-own meals. While customization can be difficult to implement, it is an important offering to customers—particularly millennials—and allows customers to dictate how healthful or indulgent they want their meal to be. With limited back-of-house capabilities, offering customization is one way to satisfy customer demand while keeping a manageable menu.

To attract the best and brightest talent, Canadian companies are looking for additional benefits that they can offer to help stand out from the crowd. Google Canada is the front-runner, dictating that all 150 employees in its Toronto office be within 150 feet of food, drinks and snacks from one of its microkitchens. Other companies such as Blue Coat Systems in Waterloo, Ontario, has completely remodeled its kitchen to be bright and open, with the hope of fostering further collaboration between employees.

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