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Generational Purchasing Habits: The Importance of Convenience

Generational Purchasing Habits: The Importance of Convenience


Last Published: 03/27/2017

Generational Purchasing Habits:  The Importance of Convenience

Sporting dual income households, packed schedules and kids to shuttle to school, practice, and home, Generation X is heavily reliant on takeout and delivery.


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Operators can capture this brand-loyal market segment by offering consistent options in the grab-and-go and delivery segments.

Additionally as important are the Millennials and Gen Z population, who also lean on convenience as an indicator of purchasing decisions. Both Millennials and Gen Z prefer delivery over picking up takeout food, and don’t think added charge for delivery takes away from the overall value. Millennials typically order through the traditional phone-in method, while Gen Z is more likely to use an app or delivery service, such as DoorDash®.

Whether takeout or delivery ordering is handled through an online application, or ordered by phone, it is critical that great attention be paid to accuracy and efficiency in whatever method is utilized. Ensuring that food packaging is visually pleasing and is able to maintain the integrity of the food is also important to the overall experience. Operators should think of their delivery and takeout service as providing a time saving solution and much needed relief to the over-worked Gen X crowd as, well as all consumers.

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