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Generational Purchasing Habits: Picture Perfect Food Presentation

Generational Purchasing Habits: Picture Perfect Food Presentation


Last Published: 04/25/2017

Generational Purchasing Habits: Picture Perfect Food Presentation

For Gen Z and many Millennials, the food itself is the experience, and it is an experience that they are driven to share.


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Within moments of having their food delivered to their table, Gen Zers and many Millennials are snapping pics for social media and making posts. While this adds to the bottom line for food operators through word of mouth and increased online activity, a visually pleasing experience also helps to boost satisfaction among all of the generations.

For example, Generation X thrives on the luxury of appearance, and appreciates, possibly most fully, the beauty of a thoughtful food presentation. For them, decadence and attention to detail can heavily influence the way a meal is remembered. Boomers, though once considered traditional menu oriented diners, are now more adventurous with their selections, and view extraordinary food presentation as a novel addition to the restaurant experience. Though they don’t typically demand a high-end display, they can appreciate a beautiful visual layout as much as the next generation, and enjoy sharing their experience, as well.

Regardless of demographics, it is clear that food that looks great tastes even better, reinforcing the importance of delivering an appealing experience to the eyes and the stomach, no matter the consumers’ age.

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