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Generational Purchasing Habits: Wellness on the Menu

Generational Purchasing Habits: Wellness on the Menu


Last Published: 03/09/2017

Generational Purchasing Habits: Wellness on the Menu

Aging Boomers, health conscious Gen X, mindful Millennials, and sustainable Gen Zers, all expect and crave healthy, fresh menu options. 


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Since a great deal of attention is being paid to the wellness movement of today, it is important to satisfy each generation on this front, as well.

Though an overall health-awareness has shaped consumerism, a few of the generations seek diet-specific qualities in their menu selection. For the Boomers, low sugar and sodium, portion controlled items are key to reaching their dietary demands. While Gen X and Millennials love to see fresh, locally sourced produce on the menu, Generation Z outright demands it. Additionally, Gen Zers want to know that all of the seafood on the menu is sustainably sourced, and that all of the coffee and tea is fair trade.

Across the generations, each demographic wants to know what is in their food, so by providing detailed descriptions and preparation methods for menu items, operators can satisfy the need-to-know drive of consumers. Additionally, clear labeling helps to provide awareness to diners who may have food allergies, such as gluten-insensitivity, and provide menu options for them, as well. By offering fresh, locally sourced, and organic offerings and making sure that nutritional information is readily available is paramount in achieving a healthy status for diners. Providing specials and menu options that are low calorie, high antioxidant, and better yet, local, is a guaranteed way to take the guilt out of restaurant dining.

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