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Go Nuts for Innovative Doughnuts

Go Nuts for Innovative Doughnuts


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Go Nuts for Innovative Doughnuts

Operators are stepping outside of the doughnut by creating flavor combinations that go above and beyond consumer expectations.


There is a lot of talk in food today about the “mashup” – taking two concepts that wouldn’t normally be seen together and placing them front and center in a dish.  Many operators have begun applying this concept to doughnuts by experimenting with toppings, icings, fillings and mixing up flavor profiles that push the boundaries of the sweet spots where we usually find them.

The doughnut is essentially a bread which, in itself, serves as a great canvas for combining flavors. Consider spicing up your icing with some hot sauce to create a doughnut with sweet heat - or play around with the batter and create a savory doughnut appetizer.  Not feeling too adventurous? You can start off with some small steps:

  • Craft a doughnut that marries savory and sweet flavor profiles, like a maple-iced doughnut with bacon bits. At a location where you serve sandwiches, prepare a traditional glazed doughnut the way you would a grilled cheese, or replace the bread you would use to make a fried chicken sandwich with an old-fashioned cake doughnut. The possibilities are endless!
  • One NYC-based doughnut shop offers creative flavors like banana malt, pear clove and espresso cardamom. If you’re struggling to create a unique flavor profile, try these unexpected pairings or related types, like ginger tea-flavored doughnuts.

Want more ideas? Download entegra’s 2018 Top Ten Trends Paper.

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