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Gourmet Nutrition on a Budget: Natural and Organic

Gourmet Nutrition on a Budget: Natural and Organic


Last Published: 12/11/2017

Gourmet Nutrition on a Budget: Natural and Organic

Half of consumers say that they are more interested in natural and organic fare than they were just two years ago, according to foodservice research by Technomic.


Unfortunately, about half of consumers’ also question labels such as ‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ when used in foodservice. This is largely due to the lack of clear definitions and regulations for their use. When looking for healthy, gourmet items on menus, consumers prioritize natural ingredients for their perceived tastiness and are increasingly likely to purchase items labeled natural, organic or clean. Four in five consumers say natural and organic options are healthier than traditional foods and beverages. Young consumers—Gen Z and millennials—currently have the highest consumption and interest in natural and organic, but data shows the trend is gaining traction with older consumers as well. Natural and organic offerings are also especially appealing for parents who want to provide their children with healthy options.

As consumer interest continues to move in the direction of natural foods, they will gain greater understanding of organic certifications, and will demand organic ingredients at foodservice. This is already impacting supply chains and driving brands to work more closely with suppliers to source natural and organic ingredients.

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Health and Wellness Gourmet Nutrition on a Budget

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