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Grab-and-Go Goes Upscale

Grab-and-Go Goes Upscale


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Grab-and-Go Goes Upscale

Offer your customers choices that are both gourmet and convenient.

Consumers want what they want when they want it, and when it comes to dining on the go, in hotels as well as many travel and leisure operations, that is more true than ever. Patrons now expect the same high-quality meals they enjoy at a traditional sit-down restaurant be brought to the grab-and-go arena and are not only healthy, but upscale.

For example, a popular hotel chain is now offering grab-and-go snacks that go far beyond crackers and crisps, serving fresh plates that celebrate locally sourced foods and craft beers so guests get a taste of the local community. Room service elimination is also prompting hotels to offer high-quality meals at all hours, and the industry is seeing a rise in 24/7 lobby dining.

Ideas for a grab-and-go area in your operation:

  • Keeping in line with the healthy, upscale approach to grab-and-go, consider beets. You can offer chilled beet green soup, beet smoothies with carrot and ginger or beet salads with crumbled feta cheese and other locally sourced vegetables. Entegra can help you source local produce for your grab-and-go areas.
  • Create themed, upscale, boxed meals, like “energizing,” “comfort food” or “protein” boxes. For instance, your protein box might be a grilled steak salad with fresh avocado and black beans.
  • Review your in-house restaurant sales to see which appetizers and small plates garner the most guest appeal, then look for ways to bring them to your grab-and-go locations. For example, if a cheese and charcuterie board is popular in your restaurant, offer a high-quality, grab-and-go meat and cheese snack from an entegra-contracted supplier.

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