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Healthy Oats: A Delicious Morning Starts Overnight

Healthy Oats: A Delicious Morning Starts Overnight


Last Published: 04/27/2017

Healthy Oats: A Delicious Morning Starts Overnight

Bubbled up through social media, overnight oats are the most exciting evolution of oatmeal in years. 

Uncooked oats are combined with milk and delectable combinations of fruit, nuts, yogurt or other toppings, then cold-steeped overnight to create a cool and creamy – yet hearty – oat breakfast that is as satisfying and delicious as it is easy to make. Overnight oats align perfectly with three top consumer trends:

  1. Fundamentally Functional – consumers seek out foods with inherent health qualities and overnight oats are a satisfying convergence of functional ingredients.

  2. Make it Mine – the personalization possibilities are endless.

  3. Quickly, Quickly – overnight oats are the perfect grab and go breakfast solution for today’s busy lifestyles.

Quaker® makes offering overnight oats turnkey through kits complete with seasonal recipes, merchandising materials, and nutrition statements. Introductory mason jars and a consumer program provided by Quaker will help you launch overnight oats and ensure incremental sales. 

Good To Know: Oats Information

  • Oat groats: unflattened kernels that are good for using as a breakfast cereal or for stuffing.

  • Steel-cut oats: featuring a dense and chewy texture, they are produced by running the grain through steel blades that thinly slices them.

  • Old-fashioned oats: have a flatter shape that is the result of their being steamed and then rolled.

  • Quick-cooking oats: processed like old-fashioned oats, except they are cut finely before rolling.

  • Instant oatmeal: produced by partially cooking the grains and then rolling them very thin. Oftentimes, sugar, salt and other ingredients are added to make the finished product.

  • Oat bran: the outer layer of the grain that resides under the hull. While oat bran is found in rolled oats and steel-cut oats, it may also be purchased as a separate product that can be added to recipes or cooked to make a hot cereal.

  • Oat flour: used in baking, it is oftentimes combined with wheat or other gluten-containing flours when making leavened bread. 

Entegra Program Participants can enjoy the Build A Better Breakfast Tool as part of the entegra program. Providing a robust, flexible breakfast program for customers is an important part of your operation and this handy tool will help maximize breakfast sales and customer satisfaction.

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