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Heritage Cuisines: Fusion and Gourmet

Heritage Cuisines: Fusion and Gourmet


Last Published: 09/20/2016

Heritage Cuisines: Fusion and Gourmet

Ethnic foods and ethnic fusion continue to be the most popular food trends in the United States. 

The mashup of different cultures on a menu or even within a meal resonates with American consumers. Among the top dishes in popularity cited by chefs last year were the Vietnamese banh mi sandwich for lunch and Peruvian ceviche, a marinated seafood dish, as a light appetizer.

Every culture seems to have a dough item with delicious, unique fillings that satisfy a variety of flavor cravings. Stuffed pastries are easy to eat while walking. Consider serving empanadas – a stuffed bread or pastry that is baked or fried. The filling consists of a variety of meat, cheeses, vegetables and even fruits. Empanadas trace their original roots back to Portugal, but are popular throughout Spain, South America, Latin America and the islands.

Gourmet Heritage is exactly what it sounds like: creative chefs putting a gourmet spin on traditional cultural cuisines dating back centuries. People across the country are getting back to their roots with a peaked interest in historical ingredients that connect to their personal heritage and background. Put your own twist on traditional dishes such as pumpkin babka, vegan shepherd’s pie, meatballs with lamb or a combination of meats, and the popular Polish comfort food, the pierogi with meat and cheese.

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