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Hot and Spicy: Bring the Heat!

Hot and Spicy: Bring the Heat!


Last Published: 11/01/2016

Hot and Spicy: Bring the Heat!

Spicy flavors are “hot” in more ways than one! Demand for hot and spicy foods is growing in all age groups, led by Millennials, according to Technomic research. 

The spicy callout is reaching fast-casual menus with many operators constantly tweaking the options and giving guests enticing reasons stop in.

One way to literally spice things up is to add various hot peppers such as jalapenos, serrano or cayenne to dishes.  Just be careful! The infamous habanero chili pepper and the ghost pepper are only for the serious hot food lover and should come with a warning.  

Hot sauces provide a popular and easy way to add a dash of instant heat.  Try Sriracha, the vinegar-garlic chile blend from Thailand or use the old standby of Tabasco sauce, which now has a variety of flavors in addition to its original red pepper sauce. As the hot and spicy flavor trend continues, diners will be drawn to more innovative uses of spices and peppers from around the world as well. 

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Want other ideas for adding spice to your menu?

Whether you run a restaurant or a hospital food café.

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