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H&W: Fluctuating Definitions of Health

H&W: Fluctuating Definitions of Health


Last Published: 01/09/2018

H&W: Fluctuating Definitions of Health

Seeking out healthier options has become mainstream as consumers develop global tastes and become more educated about the nutritional benefits and pitfalls of certain ingredients.

According to the food industry research firm, Technomic, over a third of consumers (37%) say they are more likely to visit a restaurant that offers some healthy options, even if they don’t end up ordering healthy options. A third of consumers (33%) also say that health is very important in their decision of which restaurant to visit.

Consumers are increasingly taking a more individualized and holistic approach to health, including fostering better mental health, boosting emotional wellbeing and improving their physical wellness. They are looking for nutritious options in menus while veering away from fried foods and empty calories.

To stay current with consumers’ changing expectations of healthful offerings, operators should call out:

  • Food with functional benefits: Functional foods and drinks are dishes that include enriched ingredients that are considered to have a positive influence on health. Examples include probiotic yogurts, cholesterol-lowering spreads, high vitamin vegetables, such as broccoli, and food with added nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Transparency: Fifty-four percent of consumers call for menu transparency. Try and build trust with consumers by being up front about ingredients and, if possible, highlight locally sourced items and animal welfare claims.
  • Sustainability: Ideas about operational sustainability, traceable ingredient sourcing and clean menu labeling have grown as a top-of-mind consideration for younger generations and affects their purchasing decisions.
  • Socially responsibility: Operator involvement in programs for the humane treatment of animals and local community involvement are no longer a nice to have. Consumers expect their foodservice venues to exhibit social consciousness in line with their own values and ideals.

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