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Intercultural Foods: Consider the Aloha Plate

Intercultural Foods: Consider the Aloha Plate


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Intercultural Foods: Consider the Aloha Plate

As the average consumer’s cultural pallet expands, restaurants fight to stay on the pulse by offering uniquely diverse dishes that not only stay on budget, but also creates a sense of perceived value for the customer.  


A Utah University recently introduced a Hawaiian plate lunch concept to its regular line-up of retail dining options. A traditional dish of the islands, the plate lunch features the influences of Hawaii’s Japanese, Polynesian, Filipino, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese cultures. The plate consists of two scoops of sticky white rice, a scoop of mayo-slathered macaroni salad and a protein, which can be breaded chicken, pork cutlets, barbecued pork, beef or Spam®. Yes, Spam, which is a longtime Hawaiian favorite. The new concept regularly outsells nationally branded concepts in the retail dining hall and is a student favorite because it is an authentic, filling and inexpensive meal.


• Search out the best comfort food from the cultural traditions of your customer base. Use those treasured ingredients as a base to create new menu items.

• Travel is on the rise, and as a result, your customers are becoming more culturally aware and increasingly more interested in authentic foods. Some of the most popular ethnic flavors currently include Korean, Middle Eastern and Latin American. In fact, Middle Eastern breakfast is now extremely on trend. Try adding a Middle Eastern breakfast item to your menu, like a flatbread. One LA eatery offers 20 varieties of this ethnic dish, some of which include zatar, chili and onion, or spicy soujouk sausage and cheese.

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