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Know your Diners’ Pet Peeves

Know your Diners’ Pet Peeves


Last Published: 12/06/2016

Know your Diners’ Pet Peeves

Zagat regularly ask diners about their pet peeves.

A Zagat’s 2015 Dining Trends Survey found:

  • When asked, “What irritates you the most about dining out?” the No. 1 complaint nationally was service (26%), followed by noise (24%), prices (17%) and crowds (1%).
  • Diners in Miami take the biggest issue with service (32%), while Portland, Ore., diners cite noise (31%) as their chief complaint.

When Zagat asked, “What’s your biggest service complaint?” the top complaints among diners were Inattentive wait staff (24%), slow service (17%), rude staff (10%) and inadequate training of wait staff (9%).




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