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Leisure Segment by the Numbers

Leisure Segment by the Numbers


Last Published: 01/29/2019

Leisure Segment by the Numbers

What the numbers say about leisure segment trends.

  • 96% of consumers have visited a leisure destination in the past year, and 94% of those consumers ordered food or beverages while at the venue. Critical to the growing food and beverage consumption rates are millennials and men. Millennials are most concerned with having a wide array of options from which to choose.
  • 30% of consumers are more likely to blend leisure experiences into a business trip that is three days or longer. Reasons for the uptick in “bleisure” travel include more inexpensive ticket values and an increase in young travelers who want to find a work-life balance by engaging in social experiences while away on business.
  • 31% of consumers are seeking more worldly flavors at leisure destinations – ones that depart from Italian, Mexican and Chinese cuisines. These include Indian, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, Jewish and Israeli delicacies, all of which are becoming more popular, whether they are used in house-made condiments or as the inspiration for a portable, handheld treat.

What’s the Buzz?

A woman’s influence is not to be ignored! Research indicates that most vacation planning is done by females, as is the majority of tour booking, activity planning and more. Activities are also on the rise in the leisure market; this travel segment is expected to reach $174 billion in the next two years.

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