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Mainstay Flavors for Summer: Use Your Fruit

Mainstay Flavors for Summer: Use Your Fruit


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Mainstay Flavors for Summer: Use Your Fruit

Cherries, peaches and lemons – not just for dessert this summer. 


Research from the foodservice industry research firm, Technomic, suggests that certain fruits are making a big come back summer menus.

Cherries: Cherry desserts were a staple on American menus throughout the 20th century. They fell out of favor in the early 2000’s, being deemed too old-fashioned. But now cherries are back – with a savory twist. There has been a 75 percent increase of the menu appearances of cherries in appetizers and starter breads over the past two years and a 6.2 percent increase of cherries in side dishes or as extras in the during the same time.

What to expect from Cherries this summer:

  • Use of cherries in protein bars
  • Paired with breakfast fare including parfaits and crepes
  • Roasted cherry bruschettas
  • Savory sauces for meats that include baked cherries

Lemons: The tart taste of lemons can add a kick to many recipes, both sweet and savory. The refreshing nature of this citrus fruit screams “summer” for kids and adults alike. That’s why chefs are creating new ways to use lemons. Over the past two years, kids’ menus have seen an 18 percent increase of lemon in dish ingredients. In the same time frame, lemons in fried desserts on restaurant menus has doubled.

What to expect from Lemons this summer:

  • Sweet lemon ricotta used in pancakes or desserts
  • Increased use of lemon juice in cocktails
  • Greater presence in spreads or shmears for bagels

Peaches: Peaches, like cherries and lemons, are not just for dessert. Iced peach-flavored tea has become a staple for summer. Menus now include peaches chopped into salsas, added to drinks and grilled alongside meats. In the past two years, menus have seen a 9.3 percent increase of peaches in adult beverages, such as a Sparkling White Peach Sangria. Menus have also seen a 22 percent increase of peaches as add-ons.

What to expect from Peaches this summer:

  • Sweet-savory condiments like chipotle peach dressing, peach barbecue sauce and peach mustard
  • Peaches used as add-ins in ice cream and frozen beverages
  • Served in Asian-inspired beverages such as peach cheese tea, an iced tea topped off with a frothy mixture of sweet or salty cream cheese and condensed milk

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