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Make It Sweet and Hot

Make It Sweet and Hot


Last Published: 10/11/2016

Make It Sweet and Hot

Balance spice with sweet or savory flavors. Use spice blends during the cooking process. Pair entrées with fresh fruit and boldly spiced veggie purées.

  • Serve ancho-dusted seared shrimp with a puréed sauce of roasted corn and carrots and a colorful farro salad.
  • Add a kick to pasta with a vibrant sauce of puréed kale, avocado, pistachios, garlic, a dash of dried red pepper and crumbled bacon.
  • Take sausage into new realms by flavoring it with sweet-heat combinations of habanero/mango or chipotle/maple-syrup.
  • Try a pressed sandwich with spice-roasted veggies, melted fontina cheese and sweet-hot ancho-chile jam.
  • Pair spice-grilled pork tacos with pineapple or tropical salsas, grilled shrimp with jalapeño cream, or chicken with barbecue sauce and crispy cayenne onions.
  • Top black bean burgers with mango-jalapeño salsa.

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