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Make Room for Mushrooms!

Make Room for Mushrooms!


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Make Room for Mushrooms!

People are beginning to realize the amazing health benefits of mushrooms – and they are just drinking it up.  


In a societal culture where plant-based proteins and clean foods are gaining heavy traction, consumers are taking a closer look at familiar and readily-available ingredients for their nutritional benefits.  As it turns out, mushrooms help boost immunity, lower cholesterol and have shown to have cancer-fighting properties. So, it is not a surprise that we’ve begun to see mushrooms incorporated in everything from smoothies and teas to ground beef.  Be on the lookout for more mushrooms on the menu, as there is much more in store for them in the year ahead.

Not ready to sip on mushrooms? You can start off with some small steps:

  • Even if you don’t incorporate mushrooms into beverages, they have added health benefits that consumers will be looking for. Entegra-contracted supplier Cargill is developing a new Ground Beef with Mushroom Blend Burger, which is 75% beef and 25% mushroom.  You can use this blend anywhere you would normally use ground beef, with less guilt.
  • Tarts are light, delicious desserts that you can prepare with mushrooms. For example, a holiday-themed tart could feature cranberries, mushrooms and chestnuts, and have other sweet ingredients like cream cheese baked in. Coffees and teas can also be brewed with mushrooms. Simply boil dried mushrooms, like lion’s mane, until they liquefy to form a mushroom extract that you can add to your hot beverage portfolio.

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