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Menu Development Series: Authenticity

Menu Development Series: Authenticity


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Ethnic cuisines and artisanal meals take center stage.

In 2017, Technomic surveyed 1,500 consumers on flavor preferences and purchases, and nearly two-thirds of consumers reported eating ethnic dishes at least once a month. Consumption is significantly higher among the more diverse millennial generation, suggesting that ethnic food consumption will increase in the future.

Future trends around ethnic and authentic meals to consider for your operation:

  • Complex flavors, ethnic cuisine, and authenticity will continue to evolve and standardize. Menus will combine outside-the-norm ingredients combined with familiar items.
  • Ethnic cuisines will become more localized. For example, Chinese cuisine will be specified as Sichuan or Cantonese, and Mexican menus may call out Oaxacan or Yucatan. Less mainstream ethnic flavors will become more mainstream such as Filipino or Burmese.
  • Even U.S. regional flavors will be highlighted like Southern food or hyper-regional pizzas.

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