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National Food Days for July

National Food Days for July


Last Published: 11/07/2018

National Food Days for July

July is National Picnic Month! Encourage customers that when packing their picnics to include fruits, veggies, sandwiches made with lean meats and whole-grain bread, and hydrating drinks like water or low-sugar lemonade. 


To add flavor to their water, suggest they add in cucumbers, strawberries or oranges. The national food days in July happen to be particularly not healthy, but there are still ways to build in a heathier twist.  

6 - National Fried Chicken Day Fried chicken is one of the quintessential summer foods. But it has a bad reputation for being unhealthy as traditional versions tend to be heavy on calories and fat. Inform customers that to keep today’s celebration healthy, just a few easy tweaks need to be made: Use boneless, skinless chicken breast because it’s the leanest choice; in place of traditional breading, Corn Flakes® or Panko Crumbs give the perfect crunch; egg whites can be substituted for eggs in the coating mixture and baking the chicken instead of frying wins every time.

13 - National French Fry Day No matter if they are thin, thick-cut, crinkle or curly, it’s hard to pass up this deliciously salty and fried favorite. Yes, traditional fries are not ideal for the waistline, but the good news is, healthy alternatives exist! Educate customers about the benefits of baking this popular side dish instead of frying. Also, using sweet potatoes in place of white potatoes helps increase the nutritional value of French fries. Lastly, skip the salt and use fresh garlic, rosemary or thyme to season instead.

20 - National Ice Cream Sundae Day Making your own ice cream sundae is too fun to pass up, but this treat isn’t exactly healthy. To help customers make healthier choices when indulging, encourage them to choose yogurt or sugar-free ice cream and to go easy on the toppings. It’s probably best to avoid calorie-heavy toppers like wet walnuts, cookies, and of course, chocolate and caramel syrups. Instead, stick to lighter options like fresh fruit, a few sprinkles and a minimal amount of whipped cream.

28 - National Hamburger Day There’s nothing like a big, juicy burger hot off the grill at a summer BBQ! To increase the health profile of a hamburger, encourage customers to switch to lean beef patties, veggie burgers or turkey burgers; forgo the cheese and opt for whole-wheat buns (or no bun). Since ketchup can contain hidden sugars, it would be best to opt for a low-sugar variety of this condiment or flavor the burger with spices and healthy toppers like lettuce, tomato, onion or mushrooms.


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