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National Food Days for June

National Food Days for June


Last Published: 06/15/2017

National Food Days for June

Sure national food days can sometime fall into the comfort food category. 


But there is often a way to add a slightly healthier twist on it by encouraging customers to focus on a low sugar version or a smaller portion. For June there are two ice cream oriented days and ice cream can always be swapped out for a frozen yogurt, or milk swapped out for almond or skim milk.

7 - National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! While it can be difficult to find a healthy version of this beloved summer treat, there are some options you can choose. For example, encourage customers to opt for frozen yogurt or a sugar-free ice cream variety and to order a baby or small-sized serving. This way, the taste can still be savored, but in a more mindful way.

20 - National Vanilla Milkshake Day

Don’t miss out on enjoying this refreshing indulgence! When ordering milkshakes, encourage customers to choose vanilla yogurt or sugar-free vanilla and request either skim or almond milk. By following these tricks, calories will be reduced.

28 - National Tapioca Day
While tapioca pearls aren’t necessarily unhealthy by their lonesome, when added to sugary snacks like pudding, they acquire a negative connotation. To add a nutritional boost to tapioca pudding, one of the more popular foods these pearls are used in, suggest that customers mix-in a serving of almonds or a favorite fruit. This way, the snack becomes more balanced and offers healthy benefits.

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