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Pizza All Day

Pizza All Day


Last Published: 02/27/2019

Pizza All Day

22% of consumers say they would order a breakfast pizza if it was on the menu!


Everyone loves pizza and consumers are looking for an evolution in this popular menu item. Operators are responding with new offerings to meet those desires.

All other dayparts trail behind dinner when it comes to pizza consumption. As operators look to grow their share of daily meals, one opportunity is via other dayparts, including breakfast, lunch, desserts, snacks and mini-meals. Those who already menu pizzas will be able to leverage ingredients that are already on hand to tailor pizza for different dayparts.

Entegra’s supplier Ventura Foods suggests that operators look for:

  • Dessert and breakfast pizzas have made their way into convenience and non-commercial channels, including grocery foodservice programs offering made-to-order and packaged versions
  • Chain operators spotlight mini pizzas as midday and late-night snacks across segments, while independents will likely experiment with pizza flights

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