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Plant-Based Proteins are Cropping Up

Plant-Based Proteins are Cropping Up


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Plant-Based Proteins are Cropping Up

Consumers are embracing plant-based proteins at an exponential rate – What can you do to compete?


Just take a glance at the culinary landscape today and you will quickly gather how plant-based trends are gradually taking over menus and grocery stores. This is all a direct result of consumer demand and research shows, leading this charge is Generation Z (Gen Z). Loosely categorized as those born between the mid-1990s through 2005 or so, Gen Z appears to be more “flexitarian” in their diet, which is mostly vegetarian with the occasional consumption of meat.  The reasons for this plant-based movement varies from animal welfare concerns to environmental impact reduction or just general health and wellness.

What are some things operators can do to compete in this growing trend? Here’s just a few:

  • Look for ways to include more plant-based proteins on your menus or serving bars. One idea is to feature a bean bar as part of a salad bar; consumers can fill a protein-rich plate with different types of beans with their traditional leafy greens.
  • Consider the vegan dessert! Serve a special plant-based sweet treat like non-dairy ice cream or an egg-free chocolate torte to satisfy cravings for sweets.

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